A couple of words about us:

We are two brothers and a sister who have decided to go on a (relatively) long trip together. Oren & Einav were in charge of organizing and planning the trip, while Tomer was responsible for the laughs, and what we Israelis call the "Kombina" - finding us the best possible deals on the field. Most of the people who heard about our plan to go together, raised their brows, wondering how we'll get along all this time. Our parents weren't thrill as well, cause for them it meant putting all their eggs in one basket. But, to our opinion, that was the best way to go: a package like ours can't be undone so easily. We stick together like glue.
Anyway, we flew to Thailand for a 21 days trip, with the Ukrainian airlines - Aerosvit. Sure, we had to make a 4 hours stop in Kiev, and yes, their plains were not Air-Force-1, but it saved us as a family nearly $1000 (Compared to Israeli EL-AL). In Ben-Gurion airport we've met another traveler - Aviv - who was about our age and heading to Thailand as well. He joined us through the first week and a half of the trip. It's a little bit harder to get by in Thailand as a foursome (it is not easy to condense 4 people into a Tuk-Tuk), however, it is not that difficult to get by and it assures you that in most places, you have enough people to allow any activity.
This Web site was designed to help you plan your trip, especially if you are into a trip that is not "Same Same"... It is not meant for Trekkers, but for people who want to live somewhere between the suitcase and the sleeping bags...

* A word of caution: this Web site contains our tips, advices and impressions, gathered during our trip. It is our personal opinion alone. We are not responsible for any so called "damage" that might be caused to anyone using this Web site.
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